Sis Loves Me - Reddem now!

My stepsister Sunny Soleil and I don’t always see eye to eye. We’re just on a different wavelength and tend to bicker more often than we get along. Still, she’s my stepsis, and I have to take care of her like any good stepbrother should. When I saw her shithead boyfriend, Tom, making out with some other chick at the movies, I had to tell Sunny right away. So I went to tell Sunny about it but accidentally walked in on her changing. Oh, man. I got a full view of her tits, but only for a second. It was weird but also kind of hot. Sunny had a really nice pair of tits, and seeing her in her underwear turned me on a little bit, but I couldn’t tell her that. It would be too weird since she’s my stepsis and all. I explain that Tom is cheating on her, but she doesn’t believe me. She thinks Tom loves her and is loyal to her. It must have been a real shock when she found out I was telling the truth. I decided to pay Tom a little visit and give him a piece of my mind for cheating on Sunny. That ended up coming with a price, though. I hurt my arm pretty badly and had to put it in a sling for a while. To make matters worse, I found out my girlfriend was also cheating on me. So now I was stuck at home with this stupid arm, and on top of that, I had blue balls.

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