Sis Loves Me - Reddem now!

The gorgeous Skyler Storm has a new boyfriend, and her extremely jealous stepbrother Joshua can barely stand it. The horny brat can’t accept some other guy enjoying his stepsis’ bodacious figure, so he will scheme an evil plan to get his way with her. First, he calls the boy and threatens him to leave Skyler alone. Next, he goes to Skyler’s room and offers her to practice on him before having sex. Skyler is young and inexperienced, so she really appreciates when Joshua offers his cock for her to practice on. She soon becomes a master at licking dick and balls, but her boyfriend is not texting her back. Crushed and in need of comfort, she turns to her stepbrother for guidance, a new excuse for Joshua to have his way with her. Feeling her stepbro’s fingers up her pussy, Skyler quickly forgets about her “crummy” boyfriend. It’s now time for Joshua to make his final move: now that he has his stepsister’s full trust, he can now fuck her nice and hard upon her request–his plan all along. In Joshua’s words: “Boyfriends come and go, but stepbrothers are forever!”

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